Evident™ Customer Service Consultancy

To deliver a unique experience to your customers, you need to:

  • Develop a competitive service strategy.
  • Know your strengths and challenges.
  • Train your front-line staff, their supervisors, and managers.
  • Develop a continuous improvement system


Now, how do you achieve all this? Relax; H-Contact is here to help.

We will help you with:

  • Identifying training needs
  • Service performance– Diagnose service performance gaps so you can take measures to address them.
  • Service Uniformity-Standardise the performance of service reps so your customers get a consistent experience.
  • Culture Transformation-Build a culture of customer focus amongst your service team.
  • Service Team Motivation-Motivate service reps to make significant changes that ultimately improves customer experience
  • Service Standards and Charter– Build practical service standards that are measurable and achievable
  • Recruitment-Recruit the right service employees
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys– Carry out surveys to gather opinions, views and feedback from customers about your service delivery.
  • Mystery shopping – Investigate causes of service flaws.
  • Strategic Planning(H2)
  • Business Planning(H2)
  • Recruitment(H2)
  • Rebranding(H2)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research (H2)
  • Retail Audits(H2)
  • Brand Audits(H2)

Customer Centricity  –Training, Culture Change, Coaching

In this highly competitive era, customers are aware that they are the reason we exist. Focusing on the customer is inevitable because hard sales strategies have left us with disloyal customers. An ends-driven customer-centric culture begins with top executives. For most organisations in Africa, customer centricity cannot be achieved without the top executives` involvement.

Customer centricity training and coaching can be customised to suits your needs. Above all, we can help you align all your people to customer centricity as you go through a culture change.

Customer Experience

All the interactions that we have with our customers constitute customer experience. Improving this experience will yield better relationships with customers.

Our training and coaching sessions focus on customer journey mapping and examining each milestone to improve experience at each touch point.

Service Excellence

After closing a sale, what follows is customer service. Many businesses have a good approach to sales but mess it up during the service period. Customer service training may be advanced to Service Excellence training where we focus on you offering exceptional service not just good customer service.

This training may be followed up with some coaching sessions to reinforce the skills learnt.

Evident™ Customer Service Training

Customers today demand and expect world class service. If the service you is average, they will get the service from you competitor. They’ll reward you for exceptional service by remaining loyal and referring others to you. Your customer service representatives are the face and voice of your company. Businesses today realize the value these front line employees bring. Investing in your employees’ skills will bring quick return on investment.

If you want to see high return on your investment, Evident™ Customer Service Training is the answer you have been looking for. This customer service training program teaches your employees all the skills they need to communicate positively and behaving professionally with customers — both internal and external. Participants leave the training feeling energised, motivated, and ready to deliver the level of world class service customers expect today! The results to expect from this customer service training program include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction testimonies
  • Improved upselling and cross selling
  • Increased number of key accounts
  • Improved staff morale and reduced turnover
  • Reduced costs

This customer service training program can be customized for these levels:

  • Executive
  • Managerial
  • Supervisory
  • Front line staff

Evident™ Professional Online Chat Skills for Service Staff

Online communication keeps increasing in our day to day marketing activities. This includes social media chats and website chat with customers. Do you feel that your employees will represent your organization well when chatting to customers without training? We believe everybody who deals with customers in whichever way needs training.

This 4 hour training teaches your employees ways of delivering excellent customer experience when they chat online.

Evident™ Interpersonal Communication Training

This training will help your employees manage the roles of communication, understand why effective communication is important, and know how to follow the steps of the communication process. This interactive multimedia training program provides your team with opportunities to make personal improvements to communication effectiveness. The training touches on interpersonal telephone skills, listening skills as well as effective communication.

Evident™ Call Centre Training

This training entails phone, mailbox, contact centre set up, script design (Including marketing messages), programming, customer service, quality assurance measurement. With strong and well trained call centre staff, your business is able to provide exceptional service and sales support to your customers.

Evident™ Sales 

Evident™ Sales Training is easy to implement .Via these three methods you will get the same results:

  • Customised Onsite/In-house Workshop with our facilitator
  • Customised Onsite/In-house Workshop content only with your facilitator
  • Public Offsite Seminars

Evident™ Telesales Training

 Whether you are looking for telephone sales training for your inbound or outbound sales representatives that need to prospect, sell, or manage accounts by phone, for your customer service or support representatives who need to upsell or cross-sell, or for your field sales representatives, you have come to the right place. We can help you achieve your goals in the little time possible.


Leading companies today see selling as an extension of customer service. At H-Contact, we help your sales and customer service representatives see it this way, too. With our sales training programs your reps will leave class feeling excited about their role in serving customers. They’ll be eager to let customers know about products and services that will save them money, improve their business, or make their life more meaningful in some way.

Many companies invest in telephone sales training to advance the selling skills and motivation of their sales teams. Most training does help in the short run, but if you want to achieve long-lasting results that measurably improves sales, not just any training program will do.

What are the results?

  • Employees who are skilled, knowledgeable, and eager to sell
  • Loyal customers who feel served rather than pressured
  • An noticeable increase in sales revenue

Evident™ Competitive Selling Training – Beating Competition

This 1 day training session will never leave your sales team the same. They will learn how to add value and offer unique solutions to customers. They will also learn how to recognize competition and how to devise their different game plan.

Evident™ Competitive Intelligence (CI) Training

In a just two days your marketing employees will  learn about to build an effective CI that suits your resources .It is crucial nowadays to keep track of your competitors` activities and statistics. We will show you how to get this done.

Evident™ Sales Forecasting Training

We believe that a marketer`s future is never unknown .This training is designed to help marketers who need to develop practical forecasting skills. Assessing the market environment on its own is not enough, your employees will learn about planning, collection, analysis and interpretation of appropriate data and utilization of technology.  Competent MS Excel users will benefit greatly from this training.

Evident™ Solution Selling Training

Customers are not interested in the features of your products but mostly in the solution offered by your service or product. This training will teach your employees how to emphasise solutions to customers rather than features.

Evident™ Strategic Selling Training

The environment we sell in has greatly changed over the last 12 years. The sales gimmicks and techniques of the past do not work anymore. Customers are more knowledgeable nowadays. So what now? The relationship between the buyer and the seller is the ultimate difference between getting the sale and not getting it. Customers buy from people they know and trust.

This training focuses on the human side of the sales process. Your employees will gain the skills they need to sell more than ever before while establishing long lasting professional relationships with clients.

 Evident™ Upselling and Cross-Selling Training

Nowadays, in many organizations everybody sells! Many have taken a step further to create a selling culture in order to increase profit and to survive this cut throat competition. Well, this does not go well with many employees who are not in the sales department. Some non-sales people get demotivated with this culture to an extent of leaving the job. Even some sales reps feel overloaded with cross or upselling. If you can relate to this, your employees need this training immediately.

This cross-selling training program teaches your representatives to:

  • Understand sales as an advanced type of service
  • Recognize  buyer needs
  • Listen for or create opportunities to cross-sell
  • Create a natural, conversational bridge to the offer
  • Have more confidence
  • Overcome resistance in a positive way
  • Close more business


Evident™ Effective Presentation Skills Training

Are your employees trained enough to deliver your organization`s key presentations? Whether you are giving a sales pitch, rolling out a product, pitching new business, delivering your value proposition, speaking to investors, laying out your strategy, your business success depends on top notch presentations. A well prepared and executed presentation projects professionalism and your business` seriousness. This session focuses mainly on how to prepare, execute and close presentations. Participants learn about how to engage their audience, answering to questions as well dealing with difficult characters during a presentation.

Evident™ Sales Territory Management

It is not easy task to build, optimize and align sales territories. No sales professional can excel without being trained in this crucial sales skill.

This powerful session will equip your employees with skills to manage elements of sales territories such as, territory mapping, client information, time allocation, profit calculation, revenue boosting tactics among others.

Evident™ Key Account Development & Management Training

We do not rely on new clients to achieve our sales targets nowadays. It has become expensive to look for new customers to bill every month. In the light of this, it is inevitable to try and get as much business as possible from our existing clients. Many sales people are still struggling to accept this known and proven fact.

This session shows your employees how they can double or triple their billing to one client without being a nuisance. They will learn new strategies of how to approach existing customers for new business and how to convert one time buyers into key accounts.


Evident™ Sales Negotiation Training

It is usually a sales rep`s target to win a sale. In many situations it doesn`t come easy, a lot of negotiation is needed and many times we end up giving in to clients` unprofitable demands.

In this session, your employees will learn how to effectively prepare a plan for every negotiation as well as reduce unnecessary compromise and needless price discounting.

Evident™ Management 

  • Supervisory Skills

As a manager, you are the one in charge, but you know very well your job description does not cover the many roles you actually fill. Today, managers and their teams have more complex relationships than ever before. A manager must be a friend, coach, boss and mediator. You normally find yourself:

  • Delegating
  • Motivating
  • Praising
  • Criticising
  • Handling conflict
  • Disciplining
  • Working under pressure
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Training new employees
  • Organizing people, projects and schedules again and again, day after day

Regardless of your experience, you can always benefit from new ideas and skills that will keep you at your peak performance. This training seminar is power-packed with solid skills to help you maximize your role as a manager and fresh ideas to motivate you and your team.


Evident™ Personal Development

Evident™ Carrier Development Training

It is a fact that no one wants to remain at the same position forever. This training helps you or your employees meet carrier objectives. In this session participants will learn about how they can develop their carrier further to achieve their goals and succession planning. Goal setting will also be emphasized as well as setting up a carrier plan.

Evident™ Confidence Booster Training

Poor self- confidence or low self-esteem can affect just about everything in life, from relationships to job prospects, to overall enjoyment of life. Social life becomes a pain instead of fun, you are afraid of meeting new people, even going out with friends can be so hard without self-confidence. Well, fortunately, confidence and self-esteem CAN be learned. This one day session will never leave the same.

Evident™ Personal Grooming Training

In today`s age and day, an individual`s appearance and carriage are almost as important as his or her professional skills. There are acceptable methods of dressing oneself and important points to note when grooming oneself for a carrier. In this session we look at what needs to be on check always for you to project professionalism.

 Evident™ Business Etiquette Training

We can never separate business ethics and etiquette from service. Etiquette is something we must all deal with in the business world, whether we like it or not. Adhering to good business etiquette is the first step to giving a good first impression. Our training and coaching sessions cut across employee-customer etiquette to employee-employee etiquette. We explore other etiquette issues such as travel, dining and workplace.

Evident™ Stress Management Training

After all is said and done- you have signed that big client you have been itching for, you have achieved that sales target, you have won the best service rep award ………,they truth is by now you are stressed! Come and join us as we unwind over a not-so-serious training session of how to manage the stress levels brought by serving clients.

Your employees need this too. Less stressed employees will deliver better results. We will explore what causes stress, types of stress and how to avoid and manage it.